Katech Collaborates on Performance Marine Engine

Dyno Development of Sixteen Power's V16 Engine

May 3rd, 2017

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- After unveiling the all new marine specific V16 engine at the Miami International Boat Show, Sixteen Power is excited to continue production validation with its technical partners. Sixteen Power, LLC and Katech, Inc. have collaborated for the past year to support the new powertrain. Sixteen Power's engine purpose designed and manufactured for quality and durability in the performance marine market requires testing standards and data acquisition only offered by Katech, a Tier 1 engine development partner of GM for the past 40 years.  
Sixteen Power has designed a bespoke M16 block with unique features to address marine-specific duty cycles. Enabling multiple cylinder head specifications, robust dual cooling circuits and a dedicated top-end oil scavenge bay, the block is the foundation of an all-new marine powertrain. The physical size and power output of the engine requires some unique technical partners.
Katech has been instrumental in aiding this engine come to life including some of the block machining such as line honing and cylinder bore deck plate honing as well as final dyno wiring harness support.  The first firing on the dyno occurred in Katech's workhorse dyno cell #2. Their assistance and data acquisition proved invaluable as the very first full power pull produced 1,100 BHP and 1,100 LBF-FT torque with very cautious operating parameters.  
"Katech is honored to work with Sixteen Power on this awesome new engine platform. It is built on a long history of highly developed architecture and components, yet adds all new features and strategies to further support the high duty cycle of marine engines," remarked Kevin Pranger, Director of Motorsports, Katech. "The first day of running on the dyno made it immediately apparent how effortlessly this engine makes power and yet is amongst the most-tame engines at idle. The potential for the more aggressive models and boosted versions is tremendous and Katech looks to have a bright future working with Sixteen Power on this revolutionary engine."
The collaboration between these two advanced engine companies has formed from a long shared history. Sixteen Power co-founder Caleb Newman spent nine years at Katech and was the program manager of the Cadillac Sixteen engine program Katech completed for GM Powertrain in 2002. That one-off prototype engine was brought to life in seven months for a January 2003 unveiling. After departing Katech as Vice President and Director of Aftermarket Operations, Newman founded Performance Design in 2008. Katech saw the potential for the marine market after concluding the Cadillac prototype program. The new clean sheet engine design just unveiled opts for a strategy to use four standard V8 heads. That eliminated the cost and technology limiting aspect of tooling bespoke heads. After seeing the new design strategy, when Sixteen Power approached Katech to enlist their support the answer was a resounding yes.
"Katech has long been a leader in engine development, supporting great leading-edge engines such as the venerable GM LS7 427 Gen IV small block, V6 race engines in Trans-Am and the Cadillac XV16 concept engine," says Katech President Steve Spurr.
The engine further employs Katech's precision manufactured piston oil jets to cool the pistons and better control oil in the 5 scavenge stage oil system. The Katech piston oilers are the only ones readily available that enable a full 4-inch stroke. The block's oiling system was designed for Katech's components.

* 90-degree V16 architecture
* 14.0L displacement
* 10.7:1 compression ratio
* Low pressure cast A356-T6 aluminum block
* LS3 or LS7 ported heads
* Billet 4340 one-piece crank
* Billet 4340 one-piece camshaft
* Four four-into-one water-jacketed long-tube headers

About Sixteen Power, LLC
      The M16 block and this new marine powertrain platform was born out of a recognition that the horsepower wars in the performance boating market was simply making better grenades. With an eye toward reliability and the need to expand the potential for even more power, increasing the number of cylinders became our answer to a problem high end boat owners all experience in the ownership of twin engine powerboats.  
Sixteen Power, LLC develops and manufactures world class performance marine powertrains. Based in southeast Michigan, Sixteen Power offers the all-new V16 worldwide.

About Katech, Inc.
      For 39 years Katech has developed innovative and cutting-edge motorsports technology, supporting the marine industry, as well as road-racing - including IMSA Grand Am, SCCA World Challenge, Le Mans Prototype Challenge - off-road racing and more, through engine design and development, engine testing, parts development and manufacturing. Katech's engine program and motorsports support has powered six Le Mans 24-hour road racing wins. Visit www.katechengines.com.

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